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Saturday, August 19 from 1:00– 4:00 PM

Sunday, August 20 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM

Fall Production - Night of January 16 by Ayn Rand
Show Dates: November 4, 5, 10,11, 12

The court hears the case of Karen Andre, a former secretary and lover of businessman Bjorn Faulkner, of whose murder she is accused. On the night of January 16, Faulkner and Andre were in the penthouse of the Faulkner Building in New York City, when Faulkner apparently fell to his death. The prosecutor, Mr. Flint, and Andre's defense attorney, Mr. Stevens, call witnesses whose testimonies build conflicting stories.  


In this classic courtroom drama, the ending is determined by members of the audience who make up the jury!


Winter Production: Musical Showcase - Gershwin 

Please prepare a musical selection of your choice.  


To make an appointment, please sign up HERE.  Walk-ins are welcomed.

The Woodbrook Players is an all-volunteer community theater with an open casting policy. All
auditions are open to the public and all roles are non-paying. The Woodbrook Players welcomes actors and other volunteers of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Audition Location:

Govans Presbyterian Church

Sharp Hall

5828 York Road, Baltimore, MD  21212  map

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